Locker facility in Singapore

Bank lockers are a popular option for people in Singapore who want to store valuable items and documents in a secure location. Many banks in Singapore offer locker facilities to their customers, providing a safe and convenient storage option for their valuable possessions.

The cost of renting a bank locker in Singapore varies depending on the size of the locker and the duration of the rental, but it is generally considered to be a reasonable expense for the peace of mind that it provides.

In addition, bank lockers in Singapore are typically insured, providing an additional layer of protection for valuable items. If the bank locker is damaged or the contents are lost or stolen, customers can typically make a claim with the bank’s insurance provider to recover the value of their lost or damaged items.

Some disadvantages to using a bank locker in Singapore

  • Cost of renting a locker : It can be a significant expense for some people
  • Some banks may require customers to maintain a minimum balance or pay a deposit to rent a locker
  • Availability of bank lockers: Depending on the demand for lockers, there may be a waiting list for those who want to rent a locker
  • Some lockers can be accessed only during Bank Operating hours which might become an inconvenience when you need to access your possessions urgently
  • Locker facilities only at select locations making accessibility harder if you are not located closer to the facility

Here are the locker facilities to consider:


8 locations across the Island, 4 types of Boxes to choose from.


3 locations across the Island, 4 types of Boxes to choose from (type varies by location)


5 locations across the Island.


1 location (between Bukit Timah and Jurong East)

SECOM Safe Deposit Boxes


1 location (Orchard area)

Singapore’s first Fully Automated Vault System (privately owned) located at Orchard.


3 locations across the Island.

Bank Of China

2 locations in Singapore

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