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Indian Temples in Singapore

India and Singapore has links dating back 1000 years. Singapore is home for rich Indian Culture and cultural sites. Hindu temples are an integral part of Singapore. Primary God Temple Name Address Opening Hours Special Dates/Days Temple Website Contacts Ganesha, Vinayagar Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple 78 Keong Siak Road, Singapore 089167 Ganesha, Vinayagar Sri …

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Indian beauty parlors in Singapore

Indian beauty parlors in Singapore are popular destinations for Indians living in Singapore seeking beauty and wellness services with an Indian touch. These parlors offer a wide range of beauty treatments, tailored to Indian orientated, Indian mindset people. Their services help individuals enhance their natural features and feel rejuvenated. Distinct features of Indian beauty parlors …

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Where to buy lamb or goat meat in Singapore

There is no fresh goat or lamb meat is available here in Singapore. Only Australian frozen lamb and goat meat are available across the Island. Indian lamb and goat meat is not in the approved/allowed list of Imports according to “Singapore Food Agency” which defines the Import/Export conditions for Singapore.

Short trips to make nearby Singapore for Indians (on arrival/no/online VISA)

Countries requiring no VISA or providing On Arrival VISA for Indians around Singapore. Country Prominent places to visit On Arrival VISA No VISA Online VISA Vietnam * Ha Noi* Da Nang* Hoi An* Ho Chi Minh ♠ (Requires submission of documents online prior to arrival)   ♠ Indonesia * Bali* Bintan* Batam* Jakarta ♠   …

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