Top 5 choices for sending money to India

Top 5 choices for currency conversion in Singapore

  • Banks
  • Money Changers
  • Airport Counters
  • Online
  • Mustafa


Banks provide option to send money to India online either through their website or their mobile application. All transactions are to be done online with an account opened with the corresponding banks.




Standard Chartered


Money Changers

Global Money Changers similar to Western Union and local/regional players do provide currency conversion service/facility. Transactions are allowed with either Cash or payment modes such as PayNow, NETS (please check with the provider at the time of remittance on available payment options. Some may have advertised for NETS option, but not necessarily provide the facility)

Airport Counters

Local Banks and regional players do have shops setup within the airport for currency conversion.

Payments can be made via Debit Cards, Cash, PayNow or NETS.

No remittance to India allowed. This option is good for travelers who want smaller amount of money while at the airport as the rates may not be as attractive as the counters are located at the airport.

Online Providers

Online providers like Wise (formerly Transfer Wise), SingX, Instarem do provide currency conversion by way of sending money to their escrow account and money will reach Indian accounts within a working day.


Mustafa provides currency conversion options for Cash-to-Cash transactions and is conveniently located at Syed Alwi Road.

FX Rates comparison chart

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